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White Bubblegum Gelato Strain In The USA

White bubblegum gelato also called Bubba Gum, BG Gelato or Bubble Gum Gelato is a famous potent Indica-dominant hybrid strain. White bubble gum gelato is bred by growers in Indiana and has been winning cannabis awards since 1994, including countless Cannabis Cups. This strain is created by crossing the classic Gelato #45 X Indiana Bubblegum strains. Bubble Gum gelato strain has 27% THC, and its potency is ideal for both new and experienced cannabis consumers. Buy White Bubblegum Gelato Strain in the USA, UK, and Canada with the safest & most secured delivery services.

White Bubblegum Gelato from Exotic Cannabuds White Bubble Gum Gelato Strain Near Me

White Bubblegum Gelato helps consumers stay alert and be creative while being stoney & it’s perfect for a lazy weekend day spent at home. Bubble gum gelato strain features a flavor profile reminiscent of its namesake, with bubble gum and sweet floral flavors bursting through. White bubble gum gelato is perfect to relieve symptoms associated with disorders like chronic pain, nausea, stress, and depression. This strain flowers into light green and fluffy buds with visible trichome coverage that appears frosty. Buy White Bubblegum gelato from Exotic Cannabuds at the cheapest rates with the best deals on bulk orders.

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White Bubblegum Gelato buds have fluffy forest green nugs with long thin orange hairs and a coating of tiny golden amber crystal trichomes. Bubble Gum Gelato brings on a super relaxing and creative high with uplifting and euphoric effects. This strain pushes away any negative or racing thoughts almost immediately. White Bubble Gum Leafly has a sweet raspberry and cherry flavor with hints of sugary bubblegum to it, too. The aroma is just as fresh, with a sweet and fruity overtone that’s accented by sugary bubblegum and rich cherries. Buy Bubble Gum Gelato Online from the #1 legit exotic weed vendors in the USA.


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