Uncle Sam OG

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Breeder: The Marathon Cultivation



Uncle Sam OG Strain In The USA

Uncle Sam OG strain by Exotic Cannabuds is a hybrid weed strain that is well known for its energetic transformation which derived its name from Nipsey Hussle’s older brother “Black Sam“. The Marathon Cultivation was started by Nipsey Hussle side by side with his older brother Black Sam and that’s how Marathon OG came into existence. Uncle Sam OG THC level ranges from 24% – 26%. Buy Uncle Sam OG Strain with a sweet, earthy & pine flavor scent lift from the smoke.

Why Buy Uncle Sam OG from Exotic Cannabuds

Uncle Sam OG strain hits hard like a match to the wick of a firework making the mind and body skyrocket. Uncle sam online shopping is cheap and affordable. Buy Uncle Sam OG strain and enjoy the creative, uplifting, euphoric feeling from smoking this strain. Uncle Sam Og strain is recommended for medical patients suffering from stress, depression, fatigue, pain, headache. Buy Uncle Sam OG with discreet delivery services.


1 Pack, 5 Packs, 1 Ounce, 1/4 Pound

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  1. Denilson Clark

    Straight fire and delivery 10/10

    Denilson Clark

  2. Mikey Greplin

    One of the best online dispensary in the USA

    Mikey Greplin

  3. Steven Hublot Meno

    I shopped some Marathon OG & Uncle Sam OG from Ireland and I really got my supplies, paid with Bitcoin

    Steven Hublot Meno

  4. Clara Hopkins

    I get supplies for my small dispensary in Ohio only from Exotic Cannabuds website. Their services makes me rich!!!

    Clara Hopkins

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