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Live Resin skips the routine curing process that produces dried leaf. Producers flash freeze the cannabis plant immediately following harvest. They extract the resin then using butane and a vacuum oven to protect the terpene’s profile in a loaded concentrate for dabbing. Buy Live Resin that is flash-frozen at harvest, the process protects its full spectrum status with a broader range of cannabinoids and terpenes. You might consider it a “purer” and “fuller spectrum extract.

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It should have a delicate balance between the THC crystals and terpene liquid, what they call “sauce.” It’s a gelatinous gem somewhere between gold and amber used with your rig or dab straw. The sticky and gooey qualities make it difficult to handle, and the flavor and potency in live resin are not something you want to lose through inexperience or poor temperature control. You can also use dab pens or vape pens for a user-friendly convenience. But you should ask your budtender or do some research on the most appropriate pens with ceramic dishes, crystal dual coil, and/or temperature control. And, the sauce can be worked into canna-butters, oils, and other forms for later use. Buy Live Resin from Exotic Cannabuds USA with express delivery and secured packaging.

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