Khalifa Kush THC Syrup

Net Weight: 30mg

THC: 103.00mg per Bottle

Serving Size = 3mL



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Khalifa Kush THC Syrup can better be expressed as a fast-acting drink mixture that provides a good flavorful way to enjoy your favorite strain.  Khalifa Kush THC products that are found at the Reef dispensary utilize the in-house method to grow the Khalifa Kush flower. The Khalifa Kush 100mg Mango THC Syrup is made up of or made of ethanol extraction to be exact. Here, the KK THC Syrup flavor and color are added to the THC Distillate, but no terpenes are added based on the lab results that were recorded. Also, examining the ingredients used reveals that corn syrup adds to the sweetness of Khalifa Kush’s Mango THC Syrup. It seems like it takes about 20 to 30 minutes for the first effects of the Khalifa Kush Mango THC Syrup to take effect. No matter how much I dose in different sessions, the constant result is a deep night’s sleep. Buy Khalifa Kush THC Syrup Online with your credit card and get free shipping on your 1st order.

Why you should Buy Khalifa Kush Grape Syrup 100mg | Where to Buy Khalifa Kush Mango Syrup 100mg

Khalifa Kush Grape Syrup 100mg has distinct saccharine notes that hit the nose at the end of the scent reminds me of Willy Wonka-brand candies. Khalifa Kush Grape THC Syrup effect will start by noticing the changes in the body & legs begin to feel a bit numb, and the entire body will fall into a zen state.  It smells like bubblegum or the flavored swab (administered by dentists before tools are inserted into one’s mouth). Also, Mango HiChew candy’s mango imitation is the same taste I experience when I swallow this Khalifa Kush syrup. Khalifa Kush Mango THC syrup and drizzle it across the taste buds to discover candied flavors combined with a familiar medication taste. Are you looking for where to Buy Khalifa Kush Mango THC Syrup 100mg? Exotic Cannauds is your one-stop shop! Buy Khalifa Kush Grape Syrup 100mg and enjoy the unique tasty flavorful syrup at the lowest cost on the whole market.



Grape Syrup, Mango Syrup

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