Jet Fuel Gelato

Terpenes: Caryophyllene, Limonene, Humulene

Flavor: Sweet, Fruit, Cinnamon

Reported Effects: Euphoric, Uplifting



Jet Fuel Gelato from Exotic Cannabuds

Jet Fuel Gelato is a potent and powerful balanced hybrid strain created by crossing the legendary Gelato #45 and High Octane X Jet Fuel. This strain is popular among cannabis smokers because it’s an entrant into the 2020 Illinois Cannabis Cup. Jet Fuel Gelato THC test at 22% – 27% offering the best relaxing effects along with a sweet fruity aroma. The aroma of Jet Fuel Gelato is fruity and spicy notes on the palate. A great hybrid for a relaxing afternoon especially after having a long workload throughout the day. Buy Jet Fuel Gelato cultivar with a hard-hitting high THC hybrid Born out of the Pacific Northwest made up of top-shelf phenotypes.

Buy Jet Fuel Gelato Strain In The USA – Gelato Jet Fuel

Gelato Jet Fuel strain hits the gas with its smooth aromas of dairy and diesel, complemented by light notes of citrus and pepper. Its icy buds are frosted in snow-covered trichomes giving the flower a creamy white appearance. While its sage green leaves feature ripples of purple and coral. Jet Fuel Gelato strain is rotated seasonally and picked at the peak of freshness. The Gelato Jet Fuel is handselected and grown by professional agronomists to offer flavorful clarity and balance. This topshelf strain makes you feel energized with a sense of creative euphoria along with any artistic task or conversation at hand.

Medical Effects of Jet Fuel Gelato Weed Where to Get Jet Fuel Leafly

Jet Fuel Gelato weed is perfect for conditions such as chronic stress, depression, inflammation, fatigue, ADD or ADHD, and chronic pain. The aroma is of fresh sour citrus with a creamy berry overtone that turns spicy and pungent as the nugs are burned away. Jet Fuel Gelato Leafly has forest green nugs with minty green leaves, and a coating of frosty, bright white crystal trichomes. Buy Jet Fuel Gelato Weed and enjoy the best amazing medical benefits offered by this strain.


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