Cookies Indoor CBD Flower Preroll Joints 1|2- Gram(s)

Monk Fruit | CBD Content: 12.6% / 441mg
Total Cannabinoids: 15.5% / 542.5mg

Lemon Drop | CBD Content: 16.2% / 567mg
Total Cannabinoids: 20.6% / 721mg

Carrot Cake | CBD Content: 16.7% / 584.5mg
Total Cannabinoids: 21.1% / 738.5mg



Buy Cookies Indoor CBD Flower Preroll Joints Online. Cookies Indoor CBD Flower Pre-Rolled Joint is the latest release from Cookies dedicating their time, research, and space to growing indoor CBD flower. The idea was sparked up by Secret Nature CA x Cookies because so many people enjoy CBD & the benefits. This CBD hemp flower is the reason why many smokers switched over or smoke a lot more CBD than bud. Indoor CBD flower for sale in bulk with flavors that may include; Monk Fruit, Lemon Drop & Carrot Cake.

Where To Buy Cookies Indoor CBD Flower Preroll Joints Online.

Cookies Monk Fruit CBD flower features an earthy, tropical fruit terpene profile along with the flavor of sweet melon and fresh herbs for a calm, relaxing experience. No shake or trim Rolled with Vibes papers Airtight tube to preserve

Cookies Lemon Drop Indoor CBD flower features a citrus candy terpene profile and the flavor of creamy lemon soft serve for a euphoric, uplifting experience. Rolled with Vibes papers airtight tube to preserve freshness

Cookies Carrot Cake Indoor CBD flower bulk features a sweet, tangy terpene profile and the strong flavor of its namesake cake topped with a layer of decadent frosting for a tranquil, mellow experience. Pre Rolled with Vibes papers to preserve sweet freshness

Buy Top Shelf CBD Flower available online which is 100% legal in the US & get it delivered to your doorstep. CBD flower wholesale also available at Exotic Cannabuds for bulk and wholesale buyers. Buy Cookies Indoor CBD Flower Pre-Rolled Joint Online with a discount on the price for first-time customers. There is wholesale CBD flower with the best packaging that you can order on our website.

Indoor CBD Hemp Flower Certificate of Analysis 

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Monk Fruit, Lemon Drop, Carrot Cake


1g, 2g

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