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The ability to buy weed online in USA makes it easy for everyone and consumers are treated to a massive selection of high-quality marijuana strains. However, with so many different strains on offer, sometimes it can be hard to know exactly what to pick. While some users opt for milder strains, many look for the best and strongest marijuana strains available.

There are plenty of options to consider when you’re looking for powerful and enjoyable strains of weed. For instance, those who want a soothing and relaxing high that’ll relieve pain and inflammation will want to try the best indica strains whereas those who want an uplifting and energizing high will prefer sativa strains. Hybrid strains are also excellent for those who want a mix of sativa and indica properties.

Fortunately, you can find all of these and more at Bud Express Now. Whether you need something to help with your medical symptoms or something that’ll simply provide a great high, here are 15 of the best and strongest marijuana strains of 2021.

1. Mandarin Cookies

This sativa-dominant hybrid offers a nice balance of effects as well as impressive THC levels of up to 25%. As such, it’s one of the best and strongest marijuana strains of 2021 by far. Whether you’re looking for a strain to counteract mental health problems or a strain that’ll offer an enjoyable recreational high, Mandarin Cookies is a top choice.

Mandarin Cookies will boost your mood and invigorate your mind while also soothing your body and taking away pain and aches. It’ll never leave you too overly sedated and, as such, you can still enjoy this strain throughout the day. On top of all that, its sweet citrusy diesel flavor makes it a joy to smoke or vape.

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2. Sweet Lemon Kush

Lemon Kush is another top strain that offers a delicious citrusy taste along with exceptionally enjoyable effects. With THC levels of up to 26%, it’s one of the strongest marijuana strains in 2021 and some users may even find it a little too strong. However, if you want potent effects and long-lasting medical relief, this strain can help.

You’ll initially notice a strong burst of mental euphoria when you smoke Lemon Kush. It’ll stimulate your mind and make you more chatty and creative. It also offers relaxing physical effects that help relieve pain, aches, and tension. Keep in mind that it can be a little too overstimulating for some users and you may experience mild paranoia and anxiety if you smoke too much.

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3. Best Strawberry Cough

Strawberry Cough is a hybrid strain that combines Strawberry Fields with Haze to create one of the best marijuana strains available. Not only does it boast an alluring strawberry-like aroma and taste, but it’s also known for delivering an invigorating head high and being one of the best strains for medical purposes.

When you smoke Strawberry Cough, you’ll notice that it delivers thick clouds that’ll leave you coughing. However, after that, you’ll be treated to an energizing high that makes you feel joyous, creative, chatty, and giggly. Later on, you’ll start to feel a little hazier and may want to simply kick back on the couch and enjoy the tingly body buzz. It’s great for counteracting anxiety, stress, and depression, but can also help with various other issues.

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Strawberry Cough

4. 2 Top Cherry Pie

With potent THC levels, long-lasting hybrid effects, and an exceptionally enjoyable flavor, Cherry Pie is easily one of the best and strongest marijuana strains you can buy right now. With each hit, you’ll be treated to hints of sweet cherry pie with an earthy and musky hit. You’ll also be treated to an exhilarating clear-headed high.

The effects of Cherry Pie hit you quickly but stick around for hours. You’ll initially notice an invigorating cerebral wave that lifts your mood and gives you all kinds of unique and creative thoughts. Soon after, you’ll experience a warm and tingly body buzz that takes away pain and nausea before leaving you feeling lazy and couch-locked. Overall, it provides a thoroughly enjoyable experience and every marijuana fan should try this strain at least once.

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5. Peanut Butter Breath

As you can probably guess from the name, Peanut Butter Breath is a pungent and flavorful marijuana strain that’ll leave a strong taste in your mouth. However, its earthy and nutty flavor makes it highly enjoyable to smoke. What’s more, each hit will give you a wave of highly enjoyable effects.

This strain is a cross between Do-Si-Do and Mendo Breath and, as such, it provides a nice balance of indica and sativa effects. While you’ll initially be treated to a sharp cerebral burst that lifts your mood and heightens your senses, you’ll soon find yourself in an exceptionally chill state where it’s hard to care about anything. Whether you need a strain for home chill-out sessions or social situations, Peanut Butter Breath is a top choice.

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6. Hindu Kush

When you’re looking for pure relaxation, Hindu Kush is always one of the best choices. This is an indica strain that’s long been known for helping people counteract pain, inflammation, insomnia, and various other symptoms. Of course, it’s also one of the best strains for recreational users who simply want to kick back and take away all their stress and worries.

After smoking Hindu Kush, you’ll find it hard to fret about anything. It’ll soothe your mind and body and put you in a happy, giggly, and dreamy state. It can also make it extremely easy to fall asleep, making it one of the best strains for counteracting sleep problems. Naturally, it’s best to save this strain for nighttime unless you need something to counteract severe pain during the day.

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Blue Dream

7. Blue Dream

Blue Dream is one of the most popular choices for cannabis consumers each year as it provides an amazing experience whether you’re looking for a phenomenal recreational high or strong medical benefits. While it provides THC levels of up to 21%, the high is never too overwhelming and you can still have an active and productive day while it keeps you in a mellow and happy state.

Commonly reported effects of Blue Dream include mental euphoria, long-lasting pain relief, and powerful enhancements for your mood and senses. It can quickly snap you out of a bad mood and put you in a joyous and creative state that makes everything seem more fun and rewarding. It’s also great for counteracting chronic pain, anxiety, depression, stress, nausea, and a range of other symptoms.

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8. Gorilla Glue #4

Gorilla Glue #4 is one of the most well-known and well-liked strains out there- especially when you need something that’ll make you feel thoroughly physically relaxed. It gets its name from the fact it delivers intense physical sedation, making you feel lazy and glued to the couch. While it’s best avoided during the daytime, it’s great for evening use.

While it’s mostly known for its hard-hitting physical effects, GG4 also gives you a sharp cerebral boost that’ll put you in a stellar mood and make you more creative and curious. As such, this is a top-notch strain for the times when you want to kick back on the couch and watch some TV shows or movies. It’s also a solid strain for relieving severe pain, headaches, migraines, stress, and insomnia.

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9. Lindsay OG

Lindsay OG is a rare hybrid strain bred hailing from the town of Lindsay, Ontario. Although it’s not quite as widely known as some of the strains on this list, Lindsay OG has generated lots of hype thanks to its enjoyable hybrid qualities, high THC levels, and ability to help with a range of physical and mental symptoms.

With THC levels of up to 23%, you can rely on this strain for an intense and hard-hitting high. While it initially lifts your mood and puts you in a clear-headed state, it’ll soon make you feel incredibly relaxed and you might have a hard time being productive. Meanwhile, it’ll take away any pain, stress, anxiety, depression, or nausea. It’ll also boost your appetite and make you sleepy.

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Lindsay OG

10. UBC Chemo

UBC Chemo is another top Canadian strain that’s known for its powerful medicinal qualities. This strain was bred by Dr. David Suzuki at the University of British Columbia to help chemotherapy patients deal with their symptoms back in the 1960s. However, even today, it’s one of the best and strongest marijuana strains on the market.

With THC levels hitting as high as 29%, this is an exceptionally potent strain that’s effective at counteracting even the most severe cases of pain, nausea, headaches, and appetite loss. However, even if you’re not using it for medical purposes, it provides a dreamy and tranquil high that’s ideal for late-night relaxation.

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11. Kush Mints

Kush Mints is a stellar hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing various other strains. Not only does this strain have a unique minty taste, but it also gives you an extremely enjoyable high. If you’re looking to improve your mood, take away stress, and put yourself in a mentally invigorated state, Kush Mints is a great pick.

On top of providing a great recreational high, Kush Mints can also help counteract stress, anxiety, mild to moderate pain, and fatigue. It’s also known for being a potent appetite stimulant, especially as eating food while under the influence of this strain will feel so much more enjoyable and rewarding. 

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12. Black Mamba

Black Mamba is a fascinating indica-dominant strain that’s shrouded in mystery. While its genetics are uncertain, it’s known for delivering a phenomenal high. It boasts high THC levels of 17-24% and a grape-like taste that makes it a treat to smoke or vape.

Black Mamba truly lives up to its name as its powerful effects will creep up on you slowly before hitting you with deep physical relaxation and a sharp mental high. Whether you’re looking to counteract a bad mood or take away symptoms of pain and inflammation, this strain can help. It’s also useful for counteracting insomnia as it’ll soon leave you feeling sedated and ready for bed.

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Black Mamba

13. El Patron

This award-winning strain is another one of the best and strongest marijuana strains to try in 2021. It’s made by crossing the sativa-dominant strain AMG with prominent indica strain Shiva, resulting in a hybrid strain that gives you a nice balance of cerebrally stimulating and physically soothing effects.

El Patron will treat you to a calming body buzz that takes away any kind of pain or physical tension while the mental effects increase your alertness and put you in a joyous state. One of the great things about this strain is that it won’t leave you feeling too sedated and, as such, it’s ideal for daytime use and social smoking sessions.

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14. Grape God

Grape God is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain made by crossing BC God Bud with Grapefruit. As you can imagine, this strain packs flavorful fruity hits which makes the experience of smoking or vaping it especially enjoyable. It also provides one of the most uplifting highs.

Due to its sativa-dominant nature, you can rely on this strain to counteract stress, anxiety, and depression while increasing your creativity and chattiness. Whether you need a strain to help with productivity or a strain to enhance social situations, Grape God is a top choice. It can also relieve mild pain, inflammation, and nausea.

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15. Moby Dick

Moby Dick is an award-winning sativa-dominant strain that’s renowned for its high THC content and the uplifting high it delivers. If you need a strain that’ll make you feel uplifted, energetic, and motivated, then Moby Dick is the ideal strain for you.

This strain will make you feel euphoric and creative for hours before the relaxing body buzz eventually becomes stronger and makes you want to kick back and mellow out. The whole experience is thoroughly enjoyable and will also help counteract a range of issues- especially stress, anxiety, and depression.

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